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How to use the Directory

This site offers a variety of ways to find people and departments at Columbia University and its affiliates.

Appropriate use of the Directory
Information in this Directory is provided solely for use by members of the Columbia University community and by others who wish to reach a specific individual or resource at the University. Use of the information for solicitation by mail, e-mail, telephone, or other means is prohibited.

A note about logging in
Please note that the protected areas of the site are open to current faculty, staff, and students of Columbia University and its affiliates only. Others may use the open areas of the site. We have protected some areas of the site to prevent misuse of the Directory, such as harvesting of information for telemarketing purposes.

Search for people
You may use the search box to look for people at Columbia and its affiliates. Here are some tips:

  • You can search for someone's name, email address, or UNI.
  • Put in as much of the person's name as possible, if you are searching by name. You may search for just the first name, just the last name, or the first and last name. You may enter a first and last name in either order (first name last name or last name first name), but please exclude all commas from your entry.
  • If you are searching by email address, please enter an official email address (Columbia or one of its affiliates). You may enter the "handle" (the email address before the @ sign), the handle with the @ sign, or the full email address. Examples: xyz123, xyz123@,
  • If your search retrieves more than 20 results, you may view only the first 20 results if you are not logged in. Log in with your UNI and password to view the full list.
  • Click on "more search options" to narrow your search by title or department, to search by phone number, or to limit your search specifically to someone's UNI or email address.

From the Directory main page, you may browse faculty and staff or students by first name or last name. You may also browse faculty and staff by department. As you browse, you'll see the range of names for each page (e.g., Ma-Mac, Mac-Mad, Mad-Mag). Click on the range that contains the person you are looking for; click the single arrow to advance to the next set of five pages; or click the double arrow to advance to the last page in the section you're currently browsing. Note that all browse pages require a login to access.

You can print any set of results. Click "print this page of results" to view a printable version with complete information for each person. From this view, just print the way you would normally print any document.

Searching for departments
To find out general information about a department at the University, go to the Directory main page and enter the department's name or partial name in the "Find Departments" box.

Organization hierarchies
You can find out the general structure of the University and its affiliates as well as the positions of key people in the organization by viewing the Organization Hierarchy and the Affiliate Organization Hierarchy from the Directory main page. These documents require a login to view. You can use the built-in features of Acrobat Reader to search the hierarchy for a specific person.

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